Terms & Conditions

Agreement Terms


1. Payment Terms

50% deposit to be paid upon final measure

45% to be paid a week prior to installation

5% to be paid upon completion of installation


2. Designs

2.1. Kitchen Inspirations shall engage one of its kitchen designers to work with the Customer to design a Kitchen that meets the requirements of the Customer. The plans and specifications produced by the designer shall remain the property of Kitchen Inspirations, unless and until the plans and quote have been signed off by client. This does not apply if you have entered into an agreement with your designer to purchase plans.

2.2. It is the client’s responsibility to check the plans in detail and relay any specific details to your designer. We accept no responsibility for detailing that has not been thoroughly addressed with your designer during the design phase

2.3. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the drawings conform to any plumbing, gas fitting, electrical or any other building regulations, codes of practice, or other requirements. If in doubt you should seek the advice of another qualified professional

2.4. After sign off, we will only accept changed to plans in writing via email prior to your job being processed. This includes changes to materials, hardware and appliances. If you want to make changes after signing off on your plans and quote, additional processing fees will be charged

2.5. If you have any specific requirements in relation to things like shelf heights and shapes, handle placement, tap placement, fridge alignment, Insinkerator switch etc. please advise your designer prior to finalisation of the design. If you do not and Kitchen Inspirations uses industry standard measurements and placement, we will not be held liable for any remedial works

2.6. Drawings that are supplied by us to you are a visual representation of the kitchen and to assist with your decision making. They do not represent the exact final measurements of the kitchen nor do we take responsibility for the accuracy of the drawings. They also do not include any accessories in the images and may not include appliances, sinks, tapware and other fittings. If you are unsure please check with your designer

2.7. Plans: All dimensions and size designations given are subject to verification on job site and adjustment to fit job conditions

2.8. Fridges: The standard gap allowed for a single fridge is 710mmx1750mm and is 960mmx1850mm for a double door fridge. As a standard, fridge doors are to sit proud. If you would like your fridge to sit flush please discuss this with your designer


3. Quotation

3.1. Where the price or quotation is based on information provided by the customer and that information proves to be inaccurate, Kitchen Inspirations may make such increases or decreases in the price, as it deems necessary because of such inaccuracy

3.2. The quotation is given on the basis that the floors and walls of the premises are true and square, subject to the tolerances in the New Zealand building Standards. If the floors and the wall are found to not be within prescribed tolerances, then the Customer may be liable for additional cost. Should the floors and walls not be true and square this could have implications on the completed look of your new cabinetry


4. Timelines

4.1. Kitchen Inspirations shall endeavour to have your cabinetry installed within 6-8 weeks of the  final measure, with the exception of lacquer kitchens which will take 8-10 weeks from  final measure. If you are having a stone benchtop, there will be a further 5 - 10 working days after your cabinetry has been installed before your benchtop is installed

4.2. Kitchen Inspirations shall not be liable for delay or failure to perform its obligations if the cause of the delay or failure is beyond its control


5. Final Measure

5.1. The customer is to ensure that the space is ready for final measure and free of any existing cabinetry or appliances that may obstruct the wall spaces to be measured. New builds should be fully gibbed with bulkheads in place. An additional charge will be applied if an additional final measure is required due to the site not being ready


6. Materials

6.1. Engineered Stone: Please be aware that each piece of engineered stone is unique; some grades of stone may show some specks or irregular aggregate distribution. We are not always able to predict or prevent the appearance of these. If you are having a benchtop between walls, also be aware that unless you would like a join in your benchtop there may be slight damage made to your walls during the installation process. All care will be taken however stone tops are heavy and we will be endeavouring to get the best final finish

6.2. Edge Tape: As the edge tape is a PVC product and is a different material to the board that is being used for cabinet fronts and panels, there may be a slight variance in colour. This is not something that Kitchen Inspirations has any control over

6.3. Boards: Whether you are using a melamine or acrylic product there can sometimes be imperfections. Kitchen Inspirations endeavours to ensure that all products produced by us are to the highest of quality, however there may be some slight dimpling or imperfections in board materials, especially in High Gloss products

6.4. Lacquer finishes: Please be aware that lacquer finishes may show slight imperfections due to very small specs of airborne particles that can be present at the time of painting. This may be more prominent in darker paint finishes

6.5. If in the event the materials for your kitchen are unprocurable or dramatically delayed, then a suitable substitute product will need to be selected with your designer. Any difference in the cost of such substitute materials shall be treated as an extra or a deduction of the contract price


7. Appliances

7.1. Supply of your appliances or other items to be incorporated into the kitchen construction must be available at Kitchen Inspirations a minimum of 2 weeks prior to kitchen installation


8.  Subcontractors

8.1. It is the client’s responsibility to engage with any subcontractors eg plumbers, electricians, builders etc. Kitchen Inspirations takes no responsibility for any costs incurred by these subcontractors


9. General

9.1. Failure by Kitchen Inspirations to enforce any of the terms and conditions in this agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any of the rights or obligations Kitchen Inspirations has under this contract

9.2. Kitchen Inspirations guarantees its cabinetry for 10 years. Faults arising from general wear and tear are not covered. Stone benchtop guarantees vary between brands. Blum hardware has a warrantee that is valid for the lifetime of the kitchen/cabinetry


10. Cancellation

10.1. Cancellation of your kitchen after sign off may incur a fee for design time spent on your job. This will be invoiced at an hourly rate of $85.00 inc GST.

 10.2. If the agreement is terminated or cancelled by the customer after work has commenced, then at the discretion of Kitchen Inspirations, all costs incurred by Kitchen Inspirations will be deducted from the deposit and the balance (if any) shall be refunded to the customer

10.3. Kitchen Inspirations reserves the right to suspend or cancel in whole or part, any agreement for the supply of Goods and Services to the customer if the customer fails to pay any money owing after the due date

10.4. All goods remain the property of Kitchen Inspirations until final payment is received


Acceptance and Acknowledgement

The customer hereby ACCEPTS the attached quotation and has read and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of trade as printed. I warrant that I am duly authorised to enter into this Agreement on behalf of “The Customer”.

If you have not had the opportunity to read and assimilate the following terms of your Agreement before signing then a period of 48 hours after signing the agreement documents is granted before this Agreement will be actioned. Please give your builder and or other sub-Contractors a copy of these plans and the “site measure” and confirm that your builder and subcontractors accept all conditions that relate to the builders work.

 Your Agreement INCLUDES the plans, specifications document, and this signed proposal and acceptance.