Our Process

We work with you to achieve a custom kitchen that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Make a showroom appointment or book a site visit so we can make a start on planning your project. If you are coming into the showroom, bring along your house plans with some measurements


Step 1



We will discuss some key ideas for the layout and functionality of the space either at your home or in the showroom. You may have even done some research on ideas you love. We can even offer expert advice on other aspects of your project such as appliances, lighting, flooring and paint colours.

Our free consultation includes up to 3 hours of time with your designer including travel time to site.


Step 2

Design, Development & Presentation

Once your designer has come up with a concept for your kitchen, they will book an appointment with you in the Showroom for a viewing of the detailed plans, elevations and rendered images. At this time the plans will be discussed in detail to ensure the proposed layout aligns with your expectations. Your designer will then guide you through selecting the best materials and hardware for the space. Please note that at this stage the designer spends between 12 to 24 hours in design development and therefore the plans will not be released to you without a commitment or unless the design time carried out by the designer has been paid for.

Once you are happy with the layout and materials selections the design can then be quoted.


Step 3

Approval & Final Measure

Once you have decided on your final design and quote you will be asked to come in to the showroom again to sign off on your plans, quote and our terms and conditions. Then we can book a final measure. The final measure needs to be conducted 6 to 8 weeks before the cabinetry is required. Lacquered jobs may require a slightly longer lead time.


Step 4

Manufacture & Dry Fit

The production team can then begin manufacturing your project. This means cutting and assembling the cabinetry in the workshop and installing built in appliances. This is then quality checked in detail to ensure everything has been assembled perfectly and that there are no faults with the materials. You are welcome to come in to view the kitchen at this point.


Step 5


Our own in house installers have an eye for detail and will expertly fit the cabinetry onsite. The install itself will take 1 to 2 days, depending on the size of the job and if there are any other areas where we are providing cabinetry. A specialty component such as a stone benchtop can only be templated once the cabinetry has been installed. There is then a 5 to 10 day turnaround for manufacture of the benchtop.


Step 6

Maintenance & Aftercare

Once the kitchen is complete your designer will make a special trip to see you and the completed project to ensure you are 100% happy. We will be armed with a care pack for your cabinetry and benchtops and something to say thanks for choosing us!