Your designer will help you hunt out and understand the surface that will best fit the requirements for your space. The surfaces include laminate, engineered stone, stainless steel, granite and acrylic.


The style of your kitchen will help to determine which product is best suited for your cabinetry fronts. Select from acrylic, thermoform, painted panels and melamine – each with colour ranges and finishes that are updated regularly, ensuring a vast and current selection to get excited about!


Let’s get inventive and introduce a point of difference to your space! New products are always being introduced and some materials can be used in more than one application.


Organisation is key to a practical and functional kitchen. It is important to determine your storage needs and hunt out the right inserts and accessories for your cupboards and drawers.


Blum is our preferred drawer and hinge hardware. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and in our opinion is the best on the market. It’s important not to settle for second best in a busy workspace. Blum Servo drive is the best solution to achieve a completely handle-less look on your drawers and overhead lifter cupboards.


A small bit of accent lighting can make an ordinary kitchen pop! LED lighting is cost effective to run and easy to install with a plug-and-play system.


3D Walkthrough

With the help of innovative 3D imaging software we can provide you with the unique experience of a virtual walkthrough of your space. We can access colour and texture matches to achieve an effective visual representation which is helpful for those who find it hard to visualise the end product. This experience will blow you away!

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Williams Warn

Believe it or not, we brew our own beer with the help of a Williams Warn personal brewery. We have become the envy of home brew enthusiasts by integrating this model into our showroom. Enjoy one of our fine pale ales while you sign off on your kitchen. Better yet, we can design one into your man cave!


We work closely with two leading appliance suppliers and can offer competitive appliance pricing. This is totally optional though. If you have already purchased them we can map out a kitchen plan to integrate what you already have.


We also supply and install timber laminate and engineered timber flooring which can be done at the time of kitchen install. This means one less tradesperson to organise. The complete range can be viewed in the showroom with a number of colours installed in a large format so you can get the bigger picture.