Doors, Drawers and Panels

Choose from an array of different materials and finishings for your cabinetry doors, drawers and panels to achieve the look you want.



Melamine is a tough, scratch resistant laminate that is bonded to MDF. There is a large selection of colours and effects to choose from and various door style options.  Melamine doors combine durability, style and cost effectiveness.


Coloured vinyl is laid over the doors and vaccum sealed for a smooth finish with no edge tape.  It is incredibly hard wearing, low maintenance and available in a variety of colours.

Spray Lacquer 

Doors to be finished in lacquer are manufactured out of an MDF base which can be shaped or paneled depending on the look required.  Advantages for this type of door are that there is a huge range of colour options available, different levels of gloss can be achieved and a pattern can be created in the door. However, lacquer generally has low durability and can be prone to chipping and scratching especially in areas of high wear and tear. 


Waterproof Multiboard

This optional extra is perfect for wet areas such as sink cabinets and vanities.  Where external fronts are not waterproof, Styro Board is a completely submersable product that will ensure the longivity of your cabinetry.

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