Benchtops endure alot of wear and tear and therefore must be tough.  Find the right benchtop to fit your lifestyle and budget. 



A popular and cost-effective choice available in a very wide range of colours. You can definately create a wonderful kitchen with these tops. They come in a few different textures and finishes, such as natural, gloss and semi-gloss. These come with a 5 year guarantee, however, a well looked after Laminate top can last for many years.

Engineered Stone

Made with a combination of natural stone and man made resins and pigments, engineered stone tops are non-pourus and durable.  Our suppliers stock an awesome selection of CeasarStone and Silestone colours to suit any kitchen. These benchtops look amazing!

These benchtops carry a 10 year guarantee.


Granite is a very tough and durable natural stone composed of quartz and other natural minerals. Granite is resistant to scratches, stains, heat, acids and bacteria. There are over 100 different colours to choose from. Colours may vary between shipments so you may wish to visit the supplier to choose your own piece of stone. 



Marble is also an asthetically pleasing benchtop option for kitchens and bathrooms, commonly chosen for it's veining patterns to create exquisite designs. Marble is generally less hard-wearing and stain resistant than granite.

Stainless Steel

A non-pourus and therefore a very hygenic and easy to clean option. Stainless steel benchtops never date. The surface can reflect light and may be susceptable to scratches and fingerprints, however, brushed or textured finishes can help minimise this.

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